We All Need a Good Nap….

Published March 24, 2022 by Nan Mykel
Image:  Pixabay
….And to wake up fully rested and amazed at our nightmares:  Truckers funded with dark money angrily circling Washington, D.C.?  Something about birds not being real?  A Jan. 6 rioter taking refuge in Belarus?  Nine mass shootings over the weekend?  One in five Americans believing there is a microchip in the covid vaccine?  Putin angry at Swarzenegger?  Megan Markle a robot?  And…a rise in gun sales in the U.S., where there is already more than one firearm per person, and some states don’t require a license to carry,  and rumors that Democrats are running child sex rings, even devouring babies, while politicians suggest censorship, cancelling public schools, criticize academic freedom, and don’t even “say gay…”
Oh, Please!  What was that former question–What Would Jesus Do? And is it true that he married Magdalene?






2 comments on “We All Need a Good Nap….

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