Published January 6, 2021 by Nan Mykel

…TO GO with this photo. I did find an interesting New York Times headline from the past, however, of a different time and cave:
China’s Last Cave Dwellers Fight to Keep Their Underground …www.nytimes.com › World › Asia PacifMay 13, 2018 — Officials have told them to leave, and offered them modern homes, but the residents of Zhong cave in remote southwestern China are ..

Anyone willing to try to add their own words to the photo, in the Comments section, please share.

7 comments on “I NEVER FOUND THE WORDS…

  • Yes My God
    Imagine A Cave
    Man And Woman


    One Day

    Of Donald

    Trump Lie News…


    To the


    To Hell

    With Any

    Golden Pyramids

    Painted With Trump Yuck!

    Good News

    The Emperor



    Lies Helped

    His Minions

    Fall And Go Away

    Last Night…





    Naked Free

    With Fur



    In The Forest

    With Eve Of



    In This

    Real Eden
    Resort too🌲😜


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